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What F I T Architects stands for

F I T Architects is committed to innovation:
  • in design
  • in methodology
  • in practice
F I T Architects is committed to service:
  • to suit clients’ needs
  • to promote community values
  • to respond to global challenges
F I T Architects is committed to people:
  • to enhance our experience of our environment
  • to learn how to live more harmoniously with our environment
  • to foster an inclusive and collaborative working culture

What this means for our clients

F I T Architects’ innovative approach to the practice of architecture has major benefits for clients:

tap into a vast and under-utilised resource base

diversity of design approach and opinion which is inclusive of client and stakeholder views and objectives.

each project FITs our clients’ brief, is FIT for its purpose, FIT for its location, FIT for its context.

Led by Jerry Hewitt and Nick Leko, the company’s principals have a combined total of 45 years of experience in architecture and design, spanning three continents. Our staff resources boast a similar track record, achieving excellence in both New Zealand and overseas.

F I T Architects is committed to a collaborative process, with our clients, contractors and other industry professionals.

FIT Architects utilises REVIT building information modelling software, and our personnel have collaborated on previous projects using this suite of tools.

REVIT enables 3D views of a proposal to be generated on demand, facilitating detailed understanding and exchange of information throughout the team, and to the client. It has many potential advantages for contractors, incluidng the ability to generate shop drawings and schedules.

FIT Architects is associated with New York City-based Perkins Eastman Architects www.perkinseastman.com – world leaders in knowledge based architecture, with expertise in a highly diverse range of building types.